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My theories are not based on religiousness in epileptics – Dr M. A. Persinger’s blog

Question: Are “microseizures” (a concept you have used to help explain religious experiences) actually epileptic events?  (A Blog by Dr. M.A. Persinger) Answer: No, although they do have some things in common with epileptic events (seizures) because they originate from the same source; i.e., … Continue reading

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Olaf Blanke’s Robot Ghost & “Artificial Spirit” – God Helmet findings corroborated.

Some of Dr. Michael Persinger’s “God Helmet results were corroborated when Dr. Olaf Blanke did an experiment in which he elicited the sensation of an apparition in his lab.  He did this by using a machine designed to reproduce a subjects own movements, placed behind their backs. … Continue reading

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