Out of body experience in five minutes

Persinger’s paper where the 64-Coil Shiva headset was used to elicit an OBE in a little over 5 minutes is now on scribd.com.  This headset is not shown on the inventor’s website, primarily because the 16 coil system works about as well, and the 64 coil headset would cost a lot more.  The also subject felt nausea just before his OBE began, and that’s something to avoid.  However, no reports of nausea have come from its predecessor, the 16 Coil “Shiva” System.

The most interesting thing about this report is that it uncovered an EEG pattern that may prove to be the “signature” for OBEs.  This pattern appeared over the right frontal and left temporal lobe.  It was only one subject, and more research, under competent direction, is needed, but OBE research has taken a significant step forward.

Here’s the link.

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